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School Counseling Tips for Juniors

Junior year is an important time for college and career planning. Stay focused, utilize available resources, and communicate regularly with your counselor to ensure you are on track and well-prepared for the year ahead.

Focus on Academics

Maintaining a strong GPA and selecting challenging courses are essential as colleges heavily weigh academic performance and rigor. Remember, it’s never too late to improve your GPA. View the sample four-year plan for a list of challenging courses for your senior year.

Get Involved

Get involved in activities that interest you. Whether it’s sports, clubs, or leadership roles, colleges look for well-rounded students with a passion for their interests. Now is the time to deepen your involvement and take on roles that showcase your leadership and commitment.

College & Career Planning

Standardized Testing

Prepare for the PSAT in October and the ACT in February. Take advantage of free resources such as Khan Academy for SAT prep and ACT Academy for ACT prep. Need additional help?  Consider a tutor or test prep program.

Volunteer Service

Complete your volunteer hours as part of the graduation requirement. A total of 50 hours is required, and early completion during your junior year will ease your senior year workload. Submit a signed Project Completion Form for each service project.

Scoir Platform

  • Login Instructions: Access Scoir by logging in with your Beachwood email and password or through the mobile app.
  • College Research: Use Scoir for an organized and efficient college search process.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Request recommendations through Scoir only after discussing with your teachers. Ensure you have a list of schools where you want these letters sent. Please review these instructions for the Common App Recommendation process.
  • Family Involvement: Invite your parents or guardians to join your Scoir account to help with the planning process and utilize college financial calculators.


Contact Us

Main Counseling Office Line:
(216) 831-2080 ext. 7600

Meghann Sullivan, School Counselor (All Grades: Last Names A - G), ext. 7612

Sherri Williams, School Counselor (All Grades: Last Names H - O), ext. 7613

Liz Osicki, School Counselor (All Grades: Last Names P - Z), ext. 7611

Keyonna Hughley, Counseling Secretary, ext 7600

Christin Weyn, School Psychologist, ext. 7610

Cindy Toncler, Bellefaire SAY Counselor, ext. 7609

Magen Corbett, LEAF Representative (Financial Aid, Scholarships)

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