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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the student handbook for a comprehensive overview of our policies, procedures, grading system, and expectations for students and families.


General Information

What grades does Beachwood High School serve?
Beachwood High School serves students in grades 9 through 12.

What are the school hours for Beachwood High School?
The school building opens for students at 7:45 a.m. with the first class bell at 8:20 am. The school building closes for students every day at 3:40 p.m. unless the student is required to be in the building for other school purposes such as co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. For more information, please review the building schedule.

How do I contact Beachwood High School's main office?

Telephone: (216) 831-2080

Beachwood High School is located at 25100 Fairmount Boulevard, Beachwood, OH 44122.

Attendance Procedures

What is the school's attendance policy? 
Beachwood High School emphasizes regular attendance for effective learning as mandated by the State of Ohio. Parents and guardians must report and document any absences. If a child is going to be absent, families should call the main office by 8:00 a.m. to report the absence. The main office phone number is (216) 831-2080. 

For more detailed information about our attendance policy, please review the Student Handbook.

What happens if my child is late or absent? 
Late students must report to the office before class. Absences need a written reason and can be "Excused" for valid reasons or "Unexcused" otherwise. 

Can I request a planned absence for my child? 
Yes. For family vacations during school days, parents should consult the principal. Assignments may be provided for the duration of absence. Provisions also exist for early dismissals for acceptable reasons, but proper notification and sign-in procedures must be followed.


Does the District provide bus transportation? 
Yes, Beachwood Schools provides transportation for students. You can obtain the transportation schedule and routes by contacting the District's transportation office at (216) 464-6609.

Health and Well-Being

Does the school have a nurse on staff?
Yes, Beachwood High School has a dedicated nurse on staff to attend to the health needs of our students. For more information, please visit our Health Services webpage.

What should I do if my child requires medication during school hours?
If your child needs prescribed medication during the day, make sure you submit the required form to our School Nurse and provide the medication in its original container. For non-prescribed medicines, a parental authorization is essential. Students can also carry specific emergency medications with the proper permissions in place.

What is the school's policy on colds, flu, and other illnesses?
We ask parents not to send their children to school if they've shown symptoms such as a fever of 100°F or more in the last 24 hours, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, or other specified symptoms. If a child exhibits these symptoms at school, we'll contact parents for pickup.

Lunch and Nutrition

Does the school have a lunch program?
Beachwood City Schools follows the National School Lunch Program, which consists of five components: 1) Meat/Meat Alternative; 2) Grain; 3) Fruit; 4) Vegetable; and 5) Milk. Students must take three of the five components, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable. Fresh fruits and vegetables selections are offered daily at all schools. All items sold meet the USDA Nutritional Standards for "All Foods Sold in Schools". 

How do I apply for free or reduced lunch?
Information about how to apply for free or reduced lunch is available on the Beachwood Schools Food Services webpage.